About Us

Hello, I'm Ayla a Wiltshire based artisan that combines concrete and clean aesthetics to create unique and elegant design pieces for your home. Following a degree in fashion, a love of surface and pattern design and with creativity flowing through my veins, I began experimenting with concrete; fascinated by its versatility and rawness I embarked on perfecting the art of mixing and pouring concrete. Resulting in a tactile range of concrete homeware pieces that inspires individuality and reinforces the beauty of being perfectly imperfect – Feathered Oak was born.

Feathered Oak specialises in handmade concrete homeware that is inspired by the beauty of simplicity. Our collections are very minimal and soft in both colour and design, a unique and distinct feel to the raw and industrial nature often associated with concrete. Our current collections are available in seven colours and include coasters, trinket dishes, vases, styling trays, and planters; each piece being one of a kind, unique, and always special.