photo macrame

Happy Wednesday everyone! At the weekend I was itching to make a start on creating a piece of wall art that’s tailored to my own unique taste. But, and this is a BIG but, the beauty of this DIY project is that every step can be customised, catering for everyone’s personal taste.

I knew this was going to be a challenge as I have always found wall art to be the trickiest part of any room. So, whenever I find a new project a little challenging I naturally head over to Pinterest for some inspiration, and that is when I came across macramé wall hangings, which looked amazing! Consequently, I watched a fair few tutorials on the macramé basics and after a few hours had passed I had my very own handmade macramé wall hanging 😊. I’m soo in love with this DIY, it was honestly relatively easy once I got the hang of it and super affordable. It has added a cosy vibe to my room and I’m seriously considering making more!

If you’d like to give macramé a go, check out my video below to see how:


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